Understand Your Metabolism

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help you understand the role your insulin levels and why it can easily cause weight gain

teach you how your cortisol levels are causing increased belly fat and cravings

give you action steps, printable meal plan, templates, and other resources to help you heal and improve your metabolism


Why learn about your metabolism?

Every decade after you turn 30, you lose 2-4% of your muscle.

As you get older, your hormones also fluctuate which also cause your metabolism to slow down.

This means if you don't learn how to adjust your life as you get older, you'll gain more (belly) weight, have less energy.


success stories from women just like you

Gold star moment - I ordered a dress and top from Avon and I’m having to exchange both for smaller size! My husband was watching me try them on and said I should get 3 sizes smaller since I’m doing so well!
— Cathy
I weigh less than my husband for the first time since shortly after we married. I’m embarrassed to admit that, and it’s a hard thing to keep up with since he’s losing weight too
— Jessica
I’m so thankful for the great advice and doable nutrition help that Kenda Mullert is helping me with. This is great for losing weight but personally even more so for regulating my mood and giving me energy. You should check this out ladies.
— Melanie